Placenta Specialist

The placenta can be mom’s gateway to wellness postpartum as it is reported to curb “the baby blues” and prevent postpartum depression. Ingesting the placenta is also believed to increase a mother’s blood level of a hormone known as CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone), a known stress-reducer. Studies have also shown that eating the placenta can also increase milk production, and slow postpartum bleeding. Find a placenta encapsulation specialist here.

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Placenta

Pregnancy and childbirth are unbelievably taxing to a woman’s system, and scientific research has shown that the placenta is rich in the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to recover. Experts agree that the placenta contains hormones and that reintroducing them to your system will ease postpartum hormonal fluctuations. Your placenta is perfectly made for you, by you.

There are many ways to prepare your placenta for ingestion. Here are four ways: (some of them may sound wild!)

  1. Cook your placenta into a lasagna
  2. Juice your raw placenta into a smoothie
  3. Simply eat the placenta raw (wow!)
  4. Encapsulate your placenta with the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM)

With the first three methods, you have a very small window of time to reap the benefits of the placenta, and some moms find that they’re turned off by the idea of ingesting the placenta in its natural state. The third method of encapsulation provides the benefit of extended time. You can take your placenta capsules long after baby’s birth. In fact, there is an argument that the capsules are best taken a month after baby is born to accommodate the fluctuation of hormones at that time.

By encapsulating your placenta you enjoy the benefits immediately and also long term. Furthermore,  encapsulating your placenta may also be the most discrete way to enjoy the benefits. 


8 Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

There are many benefits of the placenta that start the moment baby relies on it for sustenance. It’s value is immeasurable. All the most dense nutrients can be found in the placenta, so after a baby is born, mammals of all kinds eat the placenta in order to retain those nutrients. Listed here are some of the benefits of having those nutrients.

Placenta encapsulation is an easy, safe, and completely natural way to restore nutrients needed after birth.

You only get one placenta per birth – encapsulation allows you to get the most out of this rare and precious gift.