Childbirth Educator

Childbirth educators have the necessary education and skills to enable them to facilitate expectant parents’ mental and physical preparation for pregnancy, labor, birth and parenthood. The Childbirth educator is an advocate of the natural process of childbirth and the right of the expectant parent to make informed decisions based on knowledge of alternatives.

Childbirth Education Classes curriculum usually entail,

  • Family-centered Maternity Care
  • Informed Decision-making and Evidence-based Teaching
  • Healthy Lifestyles and Reproduction
  • The Labor Process
  • Coping Skills for Labor
  • Transition and Birth
  • Complications, interventions, and Unexpected Outcomes
  • Postpartum and the Newborn Care


Commonly known Childbirth classes:

  • Lamaze
  • Bradley
  • Hypnobirthing